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Over 10 Years of Local Cancer Support

Since 2000, supporting cancer patients is a service we are honored to provide for our community. Carolina Cancer Foundation recognizes the need for adult cancer patient support in Horry and Georgetown Counties and is committed to improving their quality of life and care they receive.


Within budgetary capabilities, Carolina Cancer Foundation offers support to underinsured and uninsured local cancer patients who are not receiving assistance from other non-profit organizations. It's our goal to help alleviate some of the financial burden of expensive cancer treatments.


It is the vision of Carolina Cancer Foundation that cancer patients have access to the most advanced care available in their community. Financial assistance can help offset the cost of chemotherapy, chemotherapy administration and cancer supportive care drugs.


Carolina Cancer Foundation is also a partner alongside Coastal Cancer Center to host an annual National Cancer Survivors Day Celebration each June.




Local and National Cancer Care Advocacy

Carolina Cancer Foundation works on both the state and national levels to improve the quality of life and ensure the highest quality of care on behalf of cancer patients in Horry and Georgetown Counties. We act as a liaison to our state and national governments to communicate the health care needs of patients.


Our members make frequent trips to advise our legislative leaders on oncology issues important to patient care.




Carolina Cancer Foundation's mission is to facilitate state-of-the-art care for cancer patients in Horry and Georgetown Counties by:


  • Coordinating patient advocacy

  • Supporting treatment coverage efforts

  • Providing cancer education

  • Assisting underinsured and uninsured patients

Carolina Cancer Foundation


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